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"The Final Duel - Part 1"
Yugi and Atem begin their Duel.

Yugi and Atem begin their Duel.

EnglishThe Final Duel - Part 1
Japanese name
RōmajiUnmei no Rasuto Dyueru
TranslatedThe Fated Last Duel
Japanese OP"OVERLAP"
Japanese ED"EYE'S"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! theme"
Air dates
JapaneseSeptember 8, 2004
EnglishMay đôi mươi, 2006
Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes (season 5)
Previous"The Final Journey"
Next"The Final Duel - Part 2"
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"The Final Duel - Part 1", known as "The Fated Last Duel" in the Japanese version, is the two hundred and twenty-first episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime.

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This episode marks the beginning of the final Duel between Yugi Muto and Yami Yugi to tướng determine the Pharaoh's fate. If Yugi wins, the Pharaoh will be able to tướng return to tướng the Spirit World; otherwise, Yami must remain in the "real" world for another 5,000 years.


Ishizu leads everyone through the Valley of the Kings, eventually coming to tướng a door in the ground (in the dub, Joey is asking if they're there yet, and his friends tell him no). She explains that this is the place as the door opens and leads them down the steps. (In the dub, Tristan believes the Duel will be awesome and Joey agrees that Yugi vs. the Pharaoh is as good as it gets.) But Téa isn't happy, and she stops when they reach a landing. Tristan stops beside her, asking her what's up, and Joey and Yugi turn to tướng her, Joey saying her name (In the dub, he asks if she has to tướng use the bathroom). Téa asks why they had to tướng rush into this sánh soon and suggests they hốc out with the Pharaoh before he leaves them for good.

Tristan asks Téa what she's talking about, but admits he knows how she feels (in the dub, Tristan admits he was sánh pumped up for the Duel, he forgot it might be the Pharaoh's last one). Yugi whispers Téa's name (in the dub he also agrees) and looks down sadly, and Joey turns away. Ishizu states that the Battle Ritual requires two Duelists at their peak and now, after Zorc has been defeated and the Pharaoh has regained his memories, is the best time. If they miss their chance, the Pharaoh's spirit will wander in the present time forever, and is that what Téa wants? (In the dub, Ishizu is more sympathetic, stating that she knows how difficult this must be, but Yugi and the Pharaoh must carry out the Battle Ritual as quickly as possible. If too much time passes, their window of opportunity will close.) Yugi admits it's tough for him too, but his other self has decided they must go through with this (in the dub, he tells Téa that they all know how she feels, but this is what's best for the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh doesn't belong in their world, and now he finally has the chance to tướng go home).

Téa admits he's right, sánh let's bởi this. Joey tells Téa he knows she knows what's right, and couldn't help but say what she was feeling, and Tristan agrees they all feel the same way, Téa was just the one who said it (in the dub, Joey tells Téa she's one of the bravest people he's met. He knows this is tough for her, and just wants to tướng say he's proud. Tristan's statements are cut from the dub). Kaiba claims he won't allow the Duel to tướng be cancelled or postponed given he's made time to tướng come here, and Joey snaps that no-one invited Kaiba (in the dub, Kaiba claims he'll leave if they start holding each other's hands as he didn't come to tướng listen to tướng their lame friendship speeches. Joey angrily suggests Kaiba wouldn't feel that way if he had friends, a comment Tristan believes to tướng be harsh, but Joey believes was deserved). Kaiba looks at Yugi, who nods and suggests they continue.

Soon Ishizu has led them all to tướng the cavern where the Millennium Stone lies, before a doorway with hieroglyphics and the Eye of Wdjat carved into it, and Joey asks if that's the Tablet of the Afterlife as Ishizu approaches it (in the dub, Yugi notes it's the resting place of the seven Millennium Items) Ishizu calls Yugi over, and Yugi kneels before the Stone with his bag containing the glowing Items. Ishizu kneels beside him, crossing her arms over her chest, and tells Yugi that the Items must be returned to tướng the Stone from whence they came before the ritual can begin, adding that Yugi must also speak the Pharaoh's name to tướng open the door to tướng the afterlife and release the Pharaoh's soul (in the dub, Ishizu only instructs Yugi to tướng place the Items in the Stone). The Eye of Wdjat will see the truth of the one who will take the Pharaoh's sword and defeat him (in the dub, she directly tells Yugi that the Eye of Wdjat will then peer into his soul, thus unraveling the Pharaoh's spirit from his own). Ishizu stands, telling Yugi to tướng place the seven Millennium Items in the stone if he accepts the terms of the ritual.

Yugi nods and takes the Items to tướng the Stone, and begins laying them in their places. First he places Millennium Eye into the figure's forehead, then slots the Millennium Key into its left hand and the Millennium Scale at its feet, arranging the trays. Marik watches as Yugi places the Millennium Rod in the figure's right hand, while Ishizu watches Yugi place the Millennium Necklace over the figure's forehead. Joey glances at Bakura as he watches Yugi put the Millennium Ring into its place at the middle of the figure, arranging all the points into their slots. Finally, Yugi takes the Millennium Puzzle in his hands, as Solomon thinks that all this began the day Yugi solved that Puzzle, and it will kết thúc the moment he returns it. Yugi remembers putting the Puzzle together, and making a wish on it for friends. He reflects that the Millennium Puzzle granted his wish as he turns to tướng look at his friends, and thanks the Puzzle (in the dub, Yugi also notes that thanks to tướng the Pharaoh, he's ready to tướng return the Puzzle). He takes the Millennium Puzzle off, and Joey and Tristan gasp as Yugi places it in the chest of the Millennium Stone. As soon as he does, the Millennium Items all begin to tướng glow, and waves of light flash around the Stone as Yugi stands before it (blowing his bag away) Then a light shines from the Eye of Wdjat onto Yugi.

Joey gasps that the Eye is glowing (in the dub, he says he assumes that's supposed to tướng happen) and Ishizu explains that the Eye is gazing deep within, searching for the spirit that dwells in Yugi's mind. Yugi activates his Duel Disk (in the dub, Ishizu adds that once they're separated, the ultimate Duel can begin). Tristan spots something (in the dub he wonders what the khuyến mãi is) as Yugi's shadow separates into two (in the dub, Ishizu declares that the true nature of Yugi's spirit has been revealed). Then Yugi splits in two, and Joey gasps that there are two Yugis, Solomon noting that this is the other Yugi. Mokuba gasps Yugi's name, and Téa murmurs Atem's (in the dub, Joey believes he's seeing double and Solomon points out that it's the Pharaoh, while Mokuba can only gasp "No way!")

Yugi and Atem glance at one another, then they turn and walk to tướng opposite sides of the cavern. Tristan notes that the battle is about to tướng begin (in the dub he shouts for Yugi to tướng go get 'em, then encourages the Pharaoh too). Mokuba wonders which one they're supposed to tướng root for. Téa thinks that if the Pharaoh wins, he can stay, and they won't have to tướng say goodbye. But Joey declares they've got to tướng root for Yugi, as it's the only way to tướng phối the Pharaoh's spirit không lấy phí. Sadly, Téa realizes that Joey's right: she should want what's best for the Pharaoh, and that's for his spirit to tướng move on. She has to tướng be strong. Marik whispers "elder sister" (in the dub he declares that it's time) and Ishizu states that the battle to tướng determine their destinies will now begin.

Yugi and Atem reach the far sides of the cavern and stop. Atem mentally thanks Yugi for accepting the battle, but he's a Duelist, and he will bởi his best to tướng win as his pride as a Duelist demands him to tướng defeat his opponents with all his strength. (In the dub, Atem thinks that this is the first time he's ever hoped for his opponent's victory. But in order for this Duel to tướng truly test their readiness to tướng separate, he must fight with all their strength). As Yugi turns towards the Pharaoh, he thinks that if he isn't strong enough, his other self won't be released from his heart. (In the dub, Yugi notes that now the Pharaoh has left the Millennium Puzzle, he can no longer hear the Pharaoh's thoughts, but somehow he still knows what the Pharaoh's thinking, and he feels the same way.) He kneels to tướng open the Millennium Puzzle box and take out his Deck, thinking that he must win. (In the dub, he adds to tướng himself that if the Pharaoh has taught him anything, it's to tướng put his heart into his Deck and Duel with everything he's got. And that's exactly what he's going to tướng bởi.) On the sidelines, Kaiba notes that they're about to tướng find out who the true King of Games is. Everyone watches in tense anticipation as Yugi and Atem face off, Joey and Téa whispering their names respectively. Atem tells his partner "Let's go!" and Yugi tells his other self that he's coming (in the dub, Atem asks if Yugi's ready for this, and Yugi says that's what they're there to tướng find out). The Eye of Wdjat and the Millennium Stone both shine as both Duelists declare "Let's Duel!" and draw their five cards.

Atem takes the first turn (in the dub he wishes Yugi luck) and draws, then he discards a thẻ to tướng Special Summon "The Tricky" in Attack Position. Then he Sets a thẻ face-down and ends his turn. Yugi notes that Atem's monster has 2000 ATK (in the dub, he adds that he knows how to tướng stop it).

He declares his turn and draws, then activates the thẻ he drew, "Swords of Revealing Light", and the glowing swords trap "The Tricky", Joey noting that now that monster can't attack for three turns. Atem glances at the swords as Yugi Summons "Green Gadget" in Attack Position, which activates its effect to tướng add "Red Gadget" from Yugi's Deck to tướng his hand. Yugi Sets a thẻ face-down and ends his turn. Duke admits he thought Atem would have the advantage with his high-Level monster, but Yugi is controlling the Duel, while Kaiba notes to tướng himself that if Atem is playing seriously, he'll play his Egyptian God cards (Duke and Kaiba's observations are cut from the dub).

Atem declares his turn and draws, thinking that "Swords of Revealing Light" won't stop every attack (in the dub, he notes that he may not be able to tướng attack Yugi with his monster, but he can attack him with Yugi's own. He activates the Magic Card, "Rebellion", allowing him to tướng select a monster on Yugi's side of the field and force it to tướng attack Yugi directly. He selects "Green Gadget", whose eye glows red as it turns to tướng attack Yugi, and Marik gasps, but Yugi claims to tướng have expected this, and Atem gasps in surprise. Yugi activates his Trap Card, "Stronghold the Moving Fortress", which becomes a monster and is Special Summoned in Defense Position, standing with 2000 DEF and casually swats "Green Gadget" aside (in the dub, Yugi also claims his Life Points are safe). As "Green Gadget" crashes to tướng the ground, but Atem warns Yugi that he'll still take the damage (in the dub, he warns Yugi his Life Points aren't as safe as he thinks) and Yugi falls to tướng 3400 LP. Joey realizes Atem is right given "Green Gadget" is Yugi's monster and Bakura points out that Yugi minimized the damage from the direct attack (in the dub, Bakura notes he's never seen a Duel as evenly matched as this one and Joey asks what he expects, given Yugi and Atem shared a brain for years). Yugi ends his turn, and Atem notes to tướng himself that he was able to tướng damage his partner's Life Points, but they never had these cards in their Deck before and wonders what other surprises Yugi has in store with his new Deck. Yugi meanwhile is thinking that he has all the cards he needs for a special full bộ (in the dub he believes that with this new Deck he's assembled, the Pharaoh will never figure out his strategy). Atem knows that Yugi's cards may keep him guessing, but wonders if they have what it takes to tướng stand up to tướng the most powerful cards in Duel Monsters - the Egyptian Gods?

"Stronghold" is fitted with the three "Gadgets".

Yugi declares his turn and draws, and glances at the thẻ he drew, then activates the Magic Card "Ties of the Brethren". He pays 1000 Life Points, falling to tướng 2400, to tướng Special Summon two Level 4 monsters with the same Type as a monster he controls. He Summons "Red Gadget" and "Yellow Gadget" in Defense Position, and Atem warns Yugi that it will take more than vãn a strong defense to tướng win this Duel. But Yugi isn't through yet, much to tướng Atem's surprise, telling the "Gadgets" to tướng become the gears of the fort, and the three "Gadgets" slot into the holes on "Stronghold's" chest as Yugi explains that since the three "Gadgets" are on the field together, they raise the ATK of "Stronghold" to tướng 3000. "Stronghold" stands tall as Joey realizes that this is what Yugi has been aiming for (in the dub he claims he taught Yugi everything he knows).

"Stronghold" is sealed by the "Swords of Revealing Light".

Yugi orders "Stronghold" to tướng attack with "Steel Gear Crush", but Atem narrows his eyes and Yugi gasps as suddenly the "Swords of Revealing Light" appear around "Stronghold". Atem has activated the Magic Card "Bounce Spell", transferring the effect of "Swords of Revealing Light" to tướng Yugi's monsters and preventing them from attacking for three turns. He shakes his finger, telling Yugi he was close, but still has a lot to tướng learn. Solomon notes that Atem is impressive to tướng be thinking several steps ahead, and Bakura and Duke both agree he's strong (their conversation is cut from the dub). Yugi's trembling, but not from fear, from happiness that his other self is taking him seriously (in the dub, Yugi isn't sure what to tướng bởi, as he wasn't expecting Atem's move). He switches "Green Gadget" to tướng Defense Position and ends his turn.

Atem knows Yugi isn't giving up, but he's just getting started (in the dub he thinks that he hopes Yugi wins, but that doesn't mean he's going to tướng go easy on him). He declares his turn and draws, then sends "The Tricky" to tướng the Graveyard to tướng activate the Magic Card "Tricky Spell 4", Special Summoning a "Tricky Token" in Defense Position for every monster Yugi has on the field. Mokuba gasps that Atem gets four "Tricky Tokens" and Kaiba notes that it's the first time in the game he's had that many monsters (in the dub, Mokuba believes Atem has just evened the score, but Kaiba has predicted Atem's next move and notes that he's way ahead of the game). As the Tokens appear, Atem tells Yugi that he's coming and will show him his true power, and Yugi asks if it can be, while Kaiba notes that it's coming (in the dub, Atem claims he's about to tướng take this Duel to tướng the next level and Yugi gasps, while Kaiba comments that he knew it). Atem Pharaoh sacrifices three of his "Tricky Tokens" to tướng Summon "Obelisk the Tormentor", and the ground cracks behind him, xanh xao light pouring through the ground as "Obelisk" appears with 4000 ATK. Yugi gasps "Obelisk's" name (in dub he wonders "Now what!?") and everyone gasps in shock. Solomon gasps that Atem Summoned a God and Joey admits that Atem has a pretty good Deck, Tristan agreeing that he built the ultimate Deck to tướng crush Yugi (in the dub, Solomon admits this could present a problem, though Joey believes that while the average Duelist, would struggle, this is Yugi. Tristan protests that Yugi's good, but he's up against an Egyptian God). Atem orders "Obelisk" to tướng attack "Stronghold the Moving Fortress" with "Fist of Fate", punching through "Stronghold" and sending the three "Gadgets" clattering to tướng the ground as Yugi's Life Points fall to tướng 1400. Then Atem Sets a Trap Card face down and ends his turn.

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Despite his situation, Yugi enjoys the Duel.

Joey and Tristan gọi Yugi's name, telling Yugi to tướng hốc in there (in the dub, Joey admits the Pharaoh means business), and Téa whispers Yugi's name, while Duke comments that not only did Yugi get clobbered by "Obelisk", but thanks to tướng "Swords of Revealing Light" he can't strike back. Atem asks if this is all Yugi can bởi (in the dub he reminds Yugi he told him he wouldn't go easy). But Yugi straightens up with a smile, much to tướng Atem's surprise, and Mokuba asks if Yugi is still confident despite his situation, though Solomon knows Yugi has few options left. (In the dub, Mokuba tells them to tướng kiểm tra it out - Yugi's back on his feet. Kaiba sarcastically calls it a big khuyến mãi, as there's still no way he can stand up to tướng "Obelisk".) Duke wonders why Yugi's smiling, and Bakura thinks maybe Yugi wants to tướng lose sánh the Pharaoh doesn't have to tướng go. Joey denies this - Yugi may not want to tướng say goodbye, but there's no way he'd be happy about losing. Téa whispers Joey's name (in the dub, she asks why Yugi's smiling). Joey explains that Yugi's having the time of his life, as it's his shot to tướng finally prove himself. Usually he takes a back seat during Duels, but this time Yugi's in control of his own Deck and now instead of standing behind Atem, the two of them are standing face-to-face for one final Duel. Téa muses on the notion of Yugi chasing Atem and Joey silently urges Yugi to tướng show Atem his strength (in the dub, Téa wonders if Yugi can win, and Joey thinks it's going to tướng be tough, but if anyone can bởi it, Yugi can).

Yugi declares his turn and draws, then Sets three cards face down. Then he summons "Silent Swordsman LV0" and Joey cheers that it's the monster he used to tướng kicked Bakura's butt, much to tướng poor Bakura's confusion (in the dub, Joey clarifies he meant the evil one. Yugi ends his turn with "Silent Swordsman" in Attack Position (in the dub he challenges Atem to tướng get past him) and Mokuba wonders what Yugi's thinking - one attack by "Obelisk", and Yugi loses the Duel. Kaiba knows that Yugi's up to tướng something and Marik notes to tướng himself that the God cards are hard to tướng control, sánh usually one only uses one in a Deck, and if Yugi can beat "Obelisk", Atem won't have any more Gods (Marik's thoughts are cut from the dub).

"Obelisk" attacks "Silent Swordsman".

Declaring his turn and drawing (in the dub, Atem suggests that this could be his last move) Atem Sets "Mirror Force" Next he activates the "Card of Sanctity" Magic Card, making both players draw until they have six cards. Atem glances at his cards in shock, and he whispers "Partner", while Yugi murmurs "My other self..." Atem reminds Yugi they both have to tướng use all their strength in this Duel or they won't get a true result, and Yugi agrees. Atem declares he'll use all of his strength, and wonders if Yugi can catch up; Yugi vows he'll use all his strength to tướng surpass Atem. (In the dub, Atem asks Yugi if he's ready, and Yugi says he's as ready as he'll ever be. Atem prepares, stating that the Duel will be over if this works and wishing the heart of the cards to tướng guide Yugi, and Yugi thanks him. Atem then declares they'll see if Yugi can withstand the fury of an Egyptian God, and Yugi tells him to tướng give it his best shot). Atem orders "Obelisk" to tướng attack "Silent Swordsman" and kết thúc this Duel with "Fist of Fate". As "Obelisk" pulls its glowing fist back, Yugi watches stoically, and as "Obelisk" launches a punch towards "Silent Swordsman", Téa gasps, and Joey yells Yugi's name (in the dub he tells him to tướng watch out).

Yugi activates his face-down Trap Card, "Ground Erosion", then he activates his face-down Magic Card, "Turn Jump", which forces each player to tướng jump ahead three turns, during which neither of them is allowed to tướng make a move. "Obelisk's" fist stops just short of "Silent Swordsman" as the three turns pass, the "Swords of Revealing Light" vanishing, and "Silent Swordsman" increases from LV0 to tướng LV3, with 2500 ATK. Atem praises the move, but warns it's not enough to tướng defeat Obelisk. Yugi activates the effect of his "Ground Erosion" trap thẻ by sending it to tướng the Graveyard (in the dub, Yugi claims the Egyptian god is weaker than vãn Atem thinks). Atem points out that Traps don't work on "Obelisk", but Yugi isn't using the Trap on "Obelisk", he's using it on the field under him. Once "Ground Erosion" is played, a monster on his opponent's side of the field sinks into the ground, losing 500 ATK each turn, and since three turns have passed, "Obelisk" loses 1500 ATK, falling to tướng 2500 ATK. Kaiba notes that now both monsters have equal ATK and would both be destroyed, but then he gasps (in the dub, he once again sarcastically calls the move a big khuyến mãi, as the Duel's just at a standstill now). But Atem warns Yugi not sánh fast - he's also activated a Trap Card, the Continuous Trap Card "Summoning Clock", which is activated whenever Yugi plays a Magic or Trap Card. By sacrificing "Summoning Clock" and one monster - his remaining "Tricky Token" - he can Special Summon one monster from his hand for each turn that's passed. Yugi realizes this means Atem can Summon three new monsters, and Atem begins by Summoning "Queen's Knight" and "King's Knight", also Special Summoning "Jack's Knight" with the effect of "King's Knight" With one Summon left, Atem Special Summons "Slifer the Sky Dragon", and Marik exclaims "No way!" as Kaiba gasps that Atem has Summoned another Egyptian God.

Red light shines in the cavern as the monster's shadow slithers in the floor and ceiling, before its twisting coils materialize from a red outline. Yugi gasps as Atem reminds him that "Slifer" receives 1000 ATK for each thẻ in his hand, and he has three, sánh "Slifer" has 3000 ATK. Yugi promptly activates his Trap Card, "Ambush Shield", Tributing "Red Gadget" and adding its DEF to tướng the ATK of "Silent Swordsman" for the turn, increasing it to tướng 4000 ATK. Joey gasps the ATK value (in the dub, Joey comments that that's one powerful knight) and Téa adds that it's stronger than vãn "Slifer the Sky Dragon". As "Slifer" backs off, Atem admits that was very impressive. But Yugi's remaining "Gadget" monsters are still vulnerable, and he orders "Queen's Knight" and "King's Knight" to tướng attack "Green Gadget" and "Yellow Gadget". The two Knights cut down the two "Gadgets", and Yugi gasps as they're destroyed.

Atem begins the ancient chant.

As the Knights return to tướng his field, Atem states that his Battle Phase has ended, but he can still Normal Summon a monster this turn (in the dub, Atem declares that he has one final move). He sacrifices "Queen's Knight", "Jack's Knight", and "King's Knight" to tướng summon one more monster. Kaiba gasps that it can't be and Marik cries "No way!" (in the dub, Kaiba asks if Atem is really doing this, and Marik confirms that he is) Atem glows with golden light as he begins to tướng chant (in the dub he chants "Almighty protector of the sun and sky, I beg of thee, please heed my cry.") Ishizu gasps that it's hieratic text (in the dub she cries that he knows the ancient chant) as Atem continues chanting (in the dub chanting "Transform thyself from orb of light and bring bu victory in this fight. I beseech thee, grace our humble game.") Yugi gasps "My other self..." (in the dub he is silent) and sunlight begins to tướng shine above them as Atem continues to tướng chant (in the dub finishing his chant with "But first I shall...gọi out thy name! Winged Dragon of Ra!"

With all three Egyptian Gods at his side, Atem tells Yugi the true test has begun.

Light swells above them and Atem tells "The Winged Dragon of Ra" to tướng come forth as he places the thẻ on his Duel Disk, causing its gleaming Sphere Mode to tướng appear above them. Joey gasps its name (in the dub he wonders what Yugi is going to tướng bởi now) as the golden dragon unfolds from its Sphere Mode and appears above the field with a titanic roar, its power radiating across the field. Ishizu gasps that it's the three Egyptian Gods (in the dub she gasps "Unbelievable!") and Kaiba gasps that Atem played all three Egyptian Gods at once!

With the three Egyptian Gods on his side, Atem tells Yugi that his is his full power (in the dub, he declares that the true test will now begin).

Featured Duel: Yugi Muto vs. Atem[edit]

Turn 1: Atem
Atem draws "The Tricky". Atem discards a thẻ to tướng Special Summon "The Tricky" from his hand. He discards "Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight" and Special Summons "The Tricky" (2000/1200) in Attack Position.[Notes 1] Atem Sets "Bounce Spell".

Turn 2: Yugi
Yugi draws "Swords of Revealing Light". Yugi activates the Magic Card "Swords of Revealing Light", which will remain on the field for three of Atem's turns. The effect of "Swords of Revealing Light" changes all face-down monsters face-up and prevents Atem's monsters from attacking. Yugi Normal Summons "Green Gadget" (1400/600) in Attack Position. As "Green Gadget" was Summoned, Yugi activates its effect, adding "Red Gadget" from his Deck to tướng his hand. Yugi Sets a thẻ.

Turn 3: Atem
Due to tướng the effect of "Swords of Revealing Light", Atem's monsters cannot attack this turn. Atem draws "Rebellion". Atem activates the Magic Card "Rebellion", selecting a monster on the field and making it attack the player whose side of the field it is on. He selects "Green Gadget". "Green Gadget" attacks Yugi directly, but Yugi activates his face-down Continuous Trap Card "Stronghold the Moving Fortress", Special Summoning it (0/2000) in Defense Position. A trả lời occurs and "Green Gadget" attacks "Stronghold". The attack fails (Yugi: 4000 → 3400 LP).

Turn 4: Yugi
Yugi draws "Ties of the Brethren". Yugi activates the Magic Card "Ties of the Brethren", paying 1000 Life Points (Yugi: 3400 → 2400 LP) to tướng Special Summon up to tướng two Level 4 monsters from his hand or Deck with the same Type as a monster he controls, but they cannot attack or be Tributed. He chooses the Machine-Type "Green Gadget", sánh he Special Summons the Machine-Type "Red Gadget" (1300/1500) from his hand and "Yellow Gadget" (1200/1200) from his Deck in Defense Position. As Yugi controls "Green Gadget", "Red Gadget", and "Yellow Gadget" face-up on his side of the field, the ATK of "Stronghold the Moving Fortress" becomes 3000 ("Stronghold the Moving Fortress": 0 → 3000/2000). Yugi changes "Stronghold the Moving Fortress" to tướng Attack Position. "Stronghold the Moving Fortress" attacks "The Tricky", but Atem activates his face-down Quick-Play Magic Card "Bounce Spell", taking control of an active Magic Card on the field, choosing a target for it again, and treating it as having been activated from this point onward. He chooses to tướng transfer the effect of "Swords of Revealing Light" to tướng Yugi's side of the field. Yugi changes "Green Gadget" to tướng Defense Position.

Turn 5: Atem
Atem activates the Quick-Play Magic Card "Tricky Spell 4", sending one face-up "The Tricky" he controls to tướng the Graveyard to tướng Special Summon "Tricky Tokens" in Defense Position equal to tướng the number of monsters Yugi controls, but they cannot declare an attack. Yugi controls four monsters, sánh Atem Special Summons four "Tricky Tokens" (2000/1200 for each) in Defense Position. Atem Tributes three "Tricky Tokens" to tướng Tribute Summon "Obelisk the Tormentor" (4000/4000) in Attack Position. "Obelisk the Tormentor" attacks and destroys "Stronghold the Moving Fortress" (Yugi: 2400 → 1400 LP). Atem Sets a "Summoning Clock".

Turn 6: Yugi
Due to tướng the effect of "Swords of Revealing Light", Yugi's monsters cannot attack this turn. Yugi Sets three cards. Yugi Normal Summons "Silent Swordsman LV0" (1000/1000) in Attack Position.

Turn 7: Atem
Atem Sets "Mirror Force". Atem activates the Magic Card "Card of Sanctity", making both players draw until they have six cards in their hand. Atem and Yugi both draw five cards. "Obelisk the Tormentor" attacks "Silent Swordsman LV0", but Yugi activates his face-down Continuous Trap Card "Ground Erosion". Due to tướng the effect of "Ground Erosion", during each of Yugi's Standby Phases, he places a Turn Counter on it, he can Tribute "Ground Erosion" to tướng select one of Atem's Monster Card Zones, and the monster in the selected Monster Card Zone loses 500 ATK for each Turn Counter "Ground Erosion" had and its effects are negated while it is in that Monster Card Zone. As it is the Battle Phase, Yugi activates his face-down Quick-Play Magic Card "Turn Jump", but as Yugi activated a Magic or Trap Card, Atem activates his face-down Continuous Trap Card "Summoning Clock". Due to tướng the effect of "Summoning Clock", during each of Atem's Standby Phases, he places a Turn Counter on "Summoning Clock", and he can Tribute "Summoning Clock" and one monster he controls to tướng Special Summon a number of monsters from his hand equal to tướng the number of Turn Counters "Summoning Clock" had.

Due to tướng the effect of "Turn Jump", the Turn Count moves forward by three to tướng the beginning of Atem's Battle Phase. The effect of "Swords of Revealing Light" expires. During each of Yugi's Standby Phase, the effect of "Silent Swordsman LV0" increases its ATK by 500 and its "LV" by 1 ("Silent Swordsman LV0" → "Silent Swordsman LV3": 1000 → 2500/1000) and "Ground Erosion" gains three Turn Counters. During each of Atem's Standby Phases, "Summoning Clock" gains three Turn Counters. Yugi activates the second effect of "Ground Erosion", Tributing it and selecting the Monster Card Zone that "Obelisk" is in ("Obelisk the Tormentor": 4000 → 2500/4000). Atem activates the second effect of "Summoning Clock", sending it to tướng the Graveyard and Tributing his "Tricky Token" to tướng Special Summon "Queen's Knight" (1500/1600), "King's Knight" (1600/1400), and "Slifer the Sky Dragon" (X000/X000), all from his hand in Attack Position. As "King's Knight" was Summoned while "Queen's Knight" was on the field, Atem activates its effect, Special Summoning "Jack's Knight" (1900/1000) from his Deck in Attack Position.

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Due to tướng the effect of "Slifer the Sky Dragon", it gains 1000 ATK for each thẻ in Atem's hand. Atem has three cards in his hand ("Slifer the Sky Dragon": X000 → 3000/X000 → 3000). Yugi activates his face-down Trap Card "Ambush Shield", Tributing one monster he controls to tướng select a monster he controls and increase its ATK by the DEF of the Tributed monster. He Tributes "Red Gadget" and selects "Silent Swordsman LV3" ("Silent Swordsman LV3": 2500 → 4000/1000). "King's Knight" attacks and destroys "Yellow Gadget". "Queen's Knight" attacks and destroys "Green Gadget". Atem Tributes "Queen's Knight", "King's Knight", and "Jack's Knight" to tướng Tribute Summon "The Winged Dragon of Ra" (????/????) in Attack Position ("Slifer the Sky Dragon": 3000 → 2000/3000 → 2000). "Ra" appears in its Sphere Mode, and Atem successfully recites the chant to tướng unlock it.

Duel continues next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Differences in adaptations[edit]

  • The shot of "Obelisk the Tormentor's" fist punching through "Stronghold the Moving Fortress" is obscured in the dub.
  • After Joey explains why Yugi is enjoying the Duel, Atem's expression is changed to tướng seem less shocked by the statement.
  • When "King's Knight" and "Queen's Knight" destroy "Yellow Gadget" and "Green Gadget", the slashes are obscured in the dub.


  • The order the God Cards are summoned is the same order they debuted in the series. Also, the ATK of "Slifer" was 3000 when it is Summoned, which was the same ATK that "Slifer" had when it was first Summoned by Strings.
  • This 5-part Duel was voted the most popular on the 4Kids Website.