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xemphimvn2.com Traffic and Visitor Engagement

Benchmark website’s performance against your competitors by keeping track of key indicators of onsite behavior. In October xemphimvn2.com received 309.46K visits with the average session duration 05:50. Compared to lớn September traffic to lớn xemphimvn2.com has increased by 53.23%.

Total Visits last 3 months

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xemphimvn2.com Website Traffic by Country

See the global distribution of visitors to lớn your competitor’s trang web and start tapping into overlooked markets. Xemphimvn2.com's core audience is located in Vietnam followed by United States, and Canada.

xemphimvn2.com Website Traffic Journey

Learn where visitors browse before landing on your competitor’s site and where they go after to lớn find new opportunities for attracting your competition’s audience

On xemphimvn2.com, visitors mainly come from Direct (89.93% of traffic), followed by google.com (6.51%). In most cases, after visiting xemphimvn2.com, users go to lớn phimvn2.tv

xemphimvn2.com Competitors and Alternatives

Reveal other websites that your audience is interested in. See the list of domains users are browsing next. Xemphimvn2.com's audience also visits phimvn2.tv, followed by phimvn2.org, and motchill.info.

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xemphimvn2.com Organic and Paid Website Traffic

Discover how your top competitor’s audience surfs the trang web sánh you can tailor your trang web experience perfectly at every stage of the customer journey. Xemphimvn2.com’s traffic has dropped by -76.47% month-on-month down to lớn current organic tìm kiếm traffic.

xemphimvn2.com Top Organic Keyword

Organic Research is designed to lớn help you discover competitors' best keywords. The tool will show you the top keywords driving traffic to lớn xemphimvn2.com, while also providing the exact tìm kiếm volume, cost-per-click, tìm kiếm intent, and competition level for each từ khóa.






Traffic %

NavigationalThe user wants to lớn find a specific page or site.

TransactionalThe user wants to lớn complete an action (conversion).

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InformationalThe user wants to lớn find an answer to lớn a specific question.




InformationalThe user wants to lớn find an answer to lớn a specific question.




InformationalThe user wants to lớn find an answer to lớn a specific question.




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Last updated: November 11, 2023