làm trái tim em mỉm cười tập 8


Make My Heart Smile (Vietnamese Ver.) Episode 8

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Chinese MainlandRomanceYouthSchool LifeVietnamese

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: It tells a story about how the three young couples realize their dreams: school hunk Gu Yanluo (starring by Luo Zheng) and clever girl Ye Weimian (staring by Ji Meihan) fall in love by accident; domineering lady Lu Yao (starring by Li Shaminzi) and “Playboy” Mu Ze (Starring by Chen Heyi) are a quarrelsome and loving couple; talented painter Zuo Sichen (starring by Wen Yuan) and adorkable and straight a student Yan Jiuyue (starring by Chang Huasen) also are struggled vĩ đại realize their dreams.