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Hoffmann TAM Panels are currently backordered worldwide.

Due vĩ đại extended lead times and unpredictable changes in material pricing, we cannot quote or accept new orders for Hoffmann Tam Panels at this time. Instead, we have created a waiting list vĩ đại manage ongoing sourcing needs. You may submit a request vĩ đại be added vĩ đại the waiting list and we will tương tác you when panels are available.

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The current estimated lead time for new requests is approximately 10-12 months.

To be added vĩ đại the waiting list, please click on below links and provide your tương tác details, part number and quantity required. Feel không lấy phí vĩ đại tương tác us with any questions.

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Hoffmann Precision Star TAM Panels
P&W TAM 146040 Approved
made with German precision

Click on the following links for user approvals: Tam Panel Approval List

High Quality Panels Available for Prompt Delivery
precision star tam panel

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The Hoffmann PT Panel is made from a 0.100" (2.5mm) stainless steel plate. Half of the test surface is hard coated with 0.003" hard alloy chrome. Five crack centers are evenly spaced in the hard coated strip. The crack centers are circular patterns forming a star. The un-plated side is grit blasted vĩ đại Ra = 2.0 roughness for washability / background tests.

Photo Certification is provided with each panel.

Available in Polished or Grit models.



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Price Includes:

  • Panel with transparent storage box.
  • Calibration Certificate (includes measurements and 5 photos)
  • Foil print, glued on the storage box (includes measurements and 5 photos)
  • Laser marking with your company name and address on the panels backside is available - made upon request, please allow additional time for delivery.

See attached for Cleaning Instructions - Cleaning Instructions & Guidelines