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Get Revenge

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Also known as
  • Channel O Hara Revenge
  • Hera, the Goddess of Revenge

복수 해라


復讐 海拉

  • Mystery
  • Melodrama
  • Revenge
Developed byJung Hoe-seok (TV Chosun production plan)
Written byKim Hyo-jin
Directed byKang Min-gu
  • Kim Sa-rang
  • Yoon Hyun-min
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes16
Executive producers
  • Kang Bo-young
  • Lee Kyung-sik
  • Jung Hyung-seo
  • Park Chae-won
Running time70 minute
Production companies
  • Blossom Story
  • Story Hunter Production
Original release
  • TV Chosun
  • Wavve
ReleaseNovember 21, 2020 –
January 17, 2021

Get Revenge (Korean: 복수 해라; Hanja: 復讐 해라; RR: Boksuhaera) is a 2020 South Korean television series starring Kim Sa-rang and Yoon Hyun-min. The series directed by Kang Min-gu for Chosun Broadcasting Company, is a revenge story of Kang Hae-ra (played by Kim Sa-rang) against those who rule society.[1][2]

The series was premiered on TV Chosun on November 21, 2020 and was broadcast on Saturday and Sunday at 21.00 KST till January 17, 2021.[3] The first episode of the series logged an average viewership nationwide ratings of 3.4%, peaking lớn 4.1%. Whereas the second and third episodes logged nationwide viewership ratings of 3.7% with the same peak rating of 4.1%.[4]


It is a mysterious social revenge drama that follows Kang Hae-ra (played by Kim Sa-rang) and her revenge against those who rule society. She is a trendy influencer reporter until a phony scandal ruins her. She vows a revenge on those who hurt her.

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  • Kim Sa-rang[5] as Kang Hae-ra, a reporter and influencer, however due lớn a false scandal she loses all, sánh she aims lớn take revenge on those who rule society in a corrupt way.
  • Yoon Hyun-min as Cha Min-joon, a lawyer who has never lost a single case. After his family is thrown into ruin, he chooses lớn take revenge no matter what it takes. Her sister Mi-yeon, gets caught in a sponsor scandal and goes missing, and then he becomes a lawyer rather kêu ca a doctor, (though while attending medical school he had a 100% win rate), lớn find her sister.


  • Yoon So-yi as Ku Eun-hye, she takes over her father's detective agency. She is devoted lớn her work and result oriented person.
  • Yoo Sun as Kim tae-ohn, only heir lớn the "FB" group that does not stop at anything in order lớn inherit the company. She is a ruthless chaebol.
  • Jung Man-sik as Kim Sang-gu, father of Kim Tae-ohn, a man who has no affection for his only daughter and only thinks of growing his company.
  • Park Eun-hye[6] as Cha Mi-yeon, Min-joon's older sister, former FBC announcer. An incumbent announcer, a person who was engulfed by a sponsor scandal, making the broadcaster bustle.
  • Jung Wook as Lee Hoon-seok
  • Jang Yoo-sang as Choi Do-yoon, Cha Min-joon secretary and his right arm
  • Baek Seung-hee as Song Seon-mi
  • Kong Hyun-joo as reporter
  • Jung Eui-jae as Kim Hyun-sung, a news reporter
  • Song Joo-hee as Secretary Yeon
  • Seo Ye-hwa as Happy Credit person
  • Hong Hyun-hee as Director Hong
Special appearance
  • Jung Hyeon-jun as Igaon Son of Kang Hae-ra and Lee Hoon-seok, currently studying in Canada.


In July 2020, Park Eun-hye was confirmed lớn star in the series. [7] In August 2020, Song Joo-hee was cast in the series.[8]

The first reading of the script took place on October đôi mươi, 2020. The crew underlined the theme of series as: "It is a drama that provides strong one-shot revenge lớn those who use the weak regardless of means, with the title of "'Revenge" as the strongest."[9]

Original soundtrack[edit]

Get Revenge
Soundtrack album by

Various Artists

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Released21 November 2020
  • Korean
  • English
  • Warner Music Korea

Part 1[edit]

Released on November 21, 2020[10]
1."No Mind" (드림캐쳐)ALMOND, PHIL SEUNG BUL PAEPHIL SEUNG BUL PAESiyeon (Dreamcatcher)3:58
2."No Mind (Inst.)" PHIL SEUNG BUL PAE 3:58
Total length:7:56

Part 2[edit]

Released on November 29, 2020[11]
1."At the End" (김채원 (에이프릴))Yeonho ParkNara Kim, Hyewon KimKim Chae-won (April)3:56
2."At the End (Inst.)" Nara Kim, Hyewon Kim 3:56
Total length:7:52

Part 3[edit]

Released on December 5, 2020[12]
1."Simple" (초코와 바닐라)Chocolate and vanilla, NORU (Noru)KunyoChocolate and vanilla3:04
2."Simple (Inst.)" Kunyo 3:04
Total length:6:08

Part 4[edit]

Released on December 6, 2020[13]
1."Grow up" (VINCIT (빈시트))Song GiaSong GiaVINCIT3:10
2."Grow up (Inst.)" Song Gia 3:10
Total length:6:20

Part 5[edit]

Released on December 12, 2020[14]
1."Invincible" (천승찬)Sangwon HanSangwon HanSeung-chan Cheon3:35
2."Invincible (Inst.)" Sangwon Han 3:35
Total length:7:10

Part 6[edit]

Released on December 13, 2020[15]
1."I'm sorry, I'm all sorry" (윤현민)Victory and Defeat, ALMONDVictory and DefeatYoon Hyun-min3:38
2."I'm sorry, I'm all sorry (Inst.)" Victory and Defeat 3:38
Total length:7:16

Part 7[edit]

Released on December 19, 2020[16]
1."I'd rather not know"LACONICJuho4:28
2."I'd rather not know (Inst.)"LACONIC 4:28
Total length:8:56

Part 8[edit]

Released on December 20, 2020[17]
1."In the harsh years"Unbeatable, 1L2L, ALMONDVictory and defeat, 1L2LKim Joong-yeon 
2."In the harsh years (Inst.)" Victory and defeat, 1L2L  

Part 9[edit]

Released on December 27, 2020[18]
1."After breaking up"Victory invincible, friendly, Mr. Grumpy, ALMONDVictory invincible, friendly Grumpy'sThe Daisy 
2."Only after breaking up (Inst.)" Victory invincible, friendly Grumpy's  

Part 10[edit]

Released on January 2, 2021[19]
1."I didn't know that love was lượt thích this"Undefeated, Jamie, ALMONDUndefeated, Jamie, 1L2LNam Yeongju 
2."I didn't know that love was lượt thích this (Inst.)" Undefeated, Jamie, 1L2L  

Part 11[edit]

Released on January 9, 2021[20]
1."Hug"Victory invincible, Jamie, ALMONDWinning Unbeaten JamiePark Hyun-seo 
2."Hug (Inst.)" Winning Unbeaten Jamie  


The first episode of the series logged an average nationwide ratings of 3.4% in viewership, peaking lớn 4.1%.[21][22]

Get Revenge : South Korea viewers per episode (thousands)

SeasonEpisode numberAverage

Source: Audience measurement performed nationwide by Nielsen Korea.[23]

Average TV viewership ratings
Ep. Part Original broadcast date Average audience share
(Nielsen Korea)[23][24]
Nationwide Seoul
1 1 November 21, 2020 2.821% (10th) 2.664% (10th)
2 3.425% (8th) 3.208% (6th)
2 1 November 22, 2020 2.456% (9th) 2.304% (8th)
2 3.701% (5th) 3.236% (3rd)
3 1 November 28, 2020 3.025% (11th)
2 3.703% (6th) 3.458% (7th)
4 1 November 29, 2020 2.401% (13th)
2 3.372% (7th) 3.250% (8th)
5 1 December 5, 2020 2.433% (14th)
2 3.311% (9th) 2.9% (10th)
6 1 December 6, 2020 2.074% (17th)
2 2.724% (8th) 2.406% (9th)
7 1 December 12, 2020 2.101% (16th)
2 2.505% (12th)
8 1 December 13, 2020 1.468% (N/A)
2 2.023% (17th)
9 1 December 19, 2020 2.34% (14th) 2.678% (10th)
2 2.789% (9th) 2.972% (8th)
10 1 December 26, 2020 2.36% (17th)
2 3.061% (13th)
11 1 January 2, 2021 2.32% (17th)
2 2.342% (16th)
12 1 January 3, 2021 1.9% (N/A)
2 2.320% (17th)
13 1 January 9, 2021 1.9% (N/A)
2 2.212% (17th)
14 1 January 10, 2021 2.2%
2 2.192% (21st)
15 1 January 16, 2021 2.23% (17th)
2 2.422% (14th)
16 1 January 17, 2021 2.52% (12th)
2 2.877% (9th) 2.748% (9th)
Average 2.5% [a]
  • In the table above, the xanh rớt numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.
  • This drama airs on a cable channel/pay TV which normally has a relatively smaller audience compared lớn free-to-air TV/public broadcasters (KBS, SBS, MBC and EBS).


  1. ^ Due lớn some ratings not recorded, the exact average rating is unknown.


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