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"Farewell" (別れ, Wakare) is episode 293 of the Boruto: Na-ru-to Next Generations anime.

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Naruto thinks back to lớn Boruto's life as he tries to lớn wake him up in vain. Code is surprised by Boruto's death at Kawaki's hand, and the return of his Kāma. Ada warns him against considering sacrificing Kawaki in Boruto's place for the God Tree. Code threatens to lớn kill Shikamaru if Kawaki approaches. Kawaki is indifferent, ví Code releases Shikamaru and tries to lớn escape. Kawaki stops him by shrinking his Claw Marks ví Code can't use them. Kawaki mocks Code, pointing out that killing Boruto should make it clear the lengths he'll go through to lớn protect Na-ru-to. He goes on the offensive and pressures Code. Shikamaru goes to lớn kiểm tra on Na-ru-to, still in disbelief and denial of what happened, and stresses that the battle still isn't over. Kawaki tells Code that if the person who wants to lớn meet him is also against Na-ru-to, he won't show them any mercy either, and blasts him point blank. Kawaki is knocked out, Code having pulled Daemon through the Claw Mark on his head to lớn reflect the attack. Ada is angry that Code involved Daemon without her permission, and he apologises for waking him up. Daemon wants to lớn fight, but Code sends him back to lớn Ada. She warns him he's been doing whatever he wants a lot, and stresses that Kawaki better be ok. Code tells her she can see Kawaki herself, and she assures him that had Kawaki died, she'd send Daemon to lớn kill him. Code begrudgingly admits he's not strong enough to lớn overcome Kawaki at the moment. Shikamaru tries pinning him when he moves to lớn collect Kawaki, and says reinforcements are on the way. Code thinks it's a bluff, but is unwilling to lớn risk it when Shikamaru points out that fighting Kawaki exhausted him. Code leaves, wanting Shikamaru to lớn inform Amado he'll use him to lớn have his limiters removed. Shikamaru asks Na-ru-to what precautions should be taken with Kawaki, considering the extremes he'll go to lớn protect Na-ru-to. Na-ru-to refuses to lớn blame Kawaki. Shikamaru struggles to lớn believe Na-ru-to doesn't blame Kawaki for Boruto's death. Boruto moves and asks who's dead, to lớn their shock. Na-ru-to cries in joy and hugs him. Boruto has new markings on his torso, and Momoshiki communicates with him. Momoshiki explains that as his vessel, Boruto is the anchor of his soul, and his death would extinguish him lượt thích Isshiki. He reveals he had to lớn use the still unextracted portion of his Kāma to lớn reconstruct the destroyed portions of Boruto's toàn thân. Because of that, Momoshiki can no longer resurrect through Kāma. Boruto believes this means he wins, but Momoshiki points out that the full extraction of Kāma means he's fully Ōtsutsuki now, ví he can be sacrificed to lớn grow a God Tree, something Code will realise soon. Momoshiki adds that Boruto won't be revived lượt thích that again, and Boruto points out he was wrong before, recalling his previous warnings. Momoshiki laughs, saying the two matters are unrelated, eagerly waiting for it to lớn play out. Boruto explains the nature of his resurrection to lớn Na-ru-to and Shikamaru. Ada notifies Code of these developments. She reminds Code of the terms of their khuyến mãi, and warns that if he remains useless after his limiters are removed, or if she determines him to lớn be a nuisance, she'll have no qualms disposing of him. He assures her that he has already taken measures. Kawaki wakes up in the hospital, Sumire taking care of him. He wonders why he's not imprisoned for killing Boruto, and Sumire reveals he's fine. Kawaki comments on Amado having restored his Kāma, and admits that for the first time he was glad to lớn have it, needing it as otherwise Na-ru-to would be dead. Boruto and Kawaki later talk at the Hokage Rock, discussing what "everything" means to lớn each of them. Kawaki is determined to lớn eliminate threats to lớn Na-ru-to, and Boruto is determined to lớn prove Momoshiki wrong. A flashforward shows the start of their fight on the Hokage Rock.


  • This is the final episode of the first part of the Boruto anime.
  • Unlike its predecessors, a preview for the succeeding anime is not included.


BorutoYuko Sanpei三瓶 由布子Sanpei Yūko
KawakiYuma Uchida内田 雄馬Uchida Yūma
NarutoJunko Takeuchi竹内 順子Takeuchi Junko
ShikamaruShotaro Morikubo森久保 祥太郎Morikubo Shōtarō
SumireAya Endo遠藤 綾Endō Aya
CodeJunta Terashima寺島 惇太Terashima Junta
AdaKana Hanazawa花澤 香菜Hanazawa Kana
DaemonYumiri Hanamori花守 ゆみりHanamori Yumiri
MomoshikiDaisuke Namikawa浪川 大輔Namikawa Daisuke