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Overview of Electronic Data Transfer Process

This process allows counties, school districts and RICs to tát send batch STAC-1/STAC-3, STAC-5/STAC-5A, and AVL files to tát the STAC Unit via the SED File Transfer Manager (SED FTM) and have the files processed automatically overnight as an alternative to tát submitting evaluations and service approvals individually via the STAC Online (EFRT) System. Summary files for STAC records and 4410 Evaluations are also available. This method greatly increases the tốc độ of processing as well as the accuracy of the submission. This is how the process works:

  1. Obtain Authorization for SED FTM Access
    Each county, school district and RIC that utilizes this process has a thư mục within the SED File Transfer Manager. This thư mục can be accessed using your browser via the SED FTM trang web client or via FTP software using the SFTP protocol.

    To request access, fill out this size, have it signed by your designated authorizing official, and mail it to tát the address at the bottom of the form:

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    • Authorization Form for Access to tát the SED File Transfer Manager (FTM) (STAC-603)
  2. Obtain a Valid STAC Online System (EFRT) Usercode
    This is referring to tát the SRV-TR-USERID on the STAC-1/3, STAC-5/5A and DCERT layouts. This also is the same Usercode used to tát sign into the STAC Online System (EFRT). It should not be confused with the FTP USER-ID!

    All submissions for STAC-1/STAC-3, STAC-5/STAC-5A and DCERT will require a valid Usercode on the STAC Online System. This "USERID" is stored on STAC's database and must be included on every record sent to tát us via the FTP process. This Usercode can also be used for viewing submissions online (See STAC Online System).

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    Fill out the appropriate size below and send it in to tát the STAC and Medicaid Unit to establish a Usercode on the STAC Online System:

  3. Register for an SED File Transfer Manager (FTM) secure FTP account
    Once the above forms have been processed, you will receive a system-generated invitation by e-mail with a links to tát register for an SED File Transfer Manager (FTM) tài khoản associated with your agency's thư mục on the secure FTP server.

    After registering for an tài khoản, please wait for a system-generated approval message before attempting to tát log in. The approval message will generally go to your gmail inbox within 1-2 business days of registering.

    If you have questions, please tương tác the STAC Unit at [email protected].

  4. Overview of how the FTP process works
    The first links below explains access to tát the FTP site, password maintenance and file naming conventions. The second links allows you to tát view a document explaining the basic functions of the SED FTM trang web client:
    • STAC FTP-Site Protocol For External Users
    • SED File Transfer Manager (FTM) Web User Guide
  5. What are Signed Fields?
    This electronic process uses a tệp tin with "mainframe" properties. Among the peculiarities of mainframe files are "signed" fields. Signed fields are the mainframes method of indicating whether or not a field is positive or negative. Click below for an explanation of how this works:
    Signed fields explained
  6. FTP Problems
    Occasionally you might have difficulty connecting to tát the SED File Transfer Manager using the SFTP protocol. If you vì thế, please tương tác [email protected] for assistance.